2015 Long-Range Transportation Plan

SPATS along with our consultant, Stantec, is tackling the update to our 2008 Long-Range Transportation Plan. Our Plan addresses local transportation needs, but is federally required to address every type of transportation and every type of traveler. Freight, auto, biking, walking, public transportation and aviation are all part of our daily lives, and collectively describe how we live, work, and play. Be a part of the action - take our SURVEY now; come talk to us if you see us handing out information at your next event; invite us to your HOA meeting, church gathering or other place where we can talk to your group about what you want to see happen in our transportation future. We have an aggressive schedule and hope to start posting draft products here towards the end of this year, so check back often for updates. Let’s see how far we can go with this…

Check out the FULL 2015 - 2040 LRTP below!

Please see refer to the 2008 Long-Range Transportation Plan page for more information on the 2010-2035 LRTP.

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